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Highlight the true beauty of aquatic plants...... To see a Preview of the Fluval FLORA Aquarium and some of the other cool
new aquarium products showcased at the Annual Hagen Trade Show in Gatineau, Quebec click here.
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Fluval Flora

Aquatic Plant Kit Includes:

Fluval CO2 20

Plant30L (7.9 gal) Bent Front Glass Aquarium
Plant35cm x 30cm x 30cm (13.8" x 11.8" x 11.8")
PlantGlass cover with Corner Supports
PlantFluval Nano Filter,
PlantFluval Mini Power Compact Lamp
PlantFluval Mini 20g CO2 Kit,
PlantFluval Plant Stratum 2kg (4.4lb)
PlantRock Background
PlantPlant Gro 30ml (1oz)
PlantNano Thermometer
PlantPlanting Tongs with Curved End
PlantProtection Mat, Plant Care Guide



Fluval CO2 20

PlantRecharge cartridges will be available in a convenient 3 pack and will retail for $19.99. Each cannister should last one month. The Flora CO2 20 kit will be available separately and will retail for $49.99.

Fluva Flora

PlantHelmut Schwab, Western Canada Sales Manager for Rolf C. Hagen Inc. showing off their new Fluval FLORA Aquatic Plant Kit. Look for these boxes on display at Aquariums West.

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Fluval FLORA Aquatic Plant Kit from Hagen will be available very soon at Aquariums West. This well designed new aquarium includes all the necessary ingredients for achieving success in the wonderful and rewarding hobby of aquatic gardening. The most amazing thing about this nano aquarium is that it includes a pressurized CO2 system. This CO2 system can be purchased separately ($49.99) and installed into any fresh water aquarium up to 15 gallons. It maintains the proper amount of CO2 without the worry of over doing it.


Fluval Flora


"Keeping live aquatic plants in your home or work environment can be quite a fascinating and visually rewarding hobby. Collecting and growing plants such as java ferns or water wisteria brings the richness and verdancy of natural plant life right to you. The Fluval® Flora Aquatic Plant Kit is equipped with everything you need to create the ideal aquatic environment for natural plants. A key component in the kit is the CO2 supply system. The Aquatic Plant Kit includes a reliable Mini CO2 system to ensure that nature_s most important plant nutrient is available to maintain vigorous, lush and vibrant plant growth."

"The Fluval® Flora Aquatic Plant Kit has a seamless front panel aquarium with glass top. You will also get a comprehensive care guide for the advanced or beginner. The Nano internal filter ensures proper filtration, for clear water and a healthy environment and the balanced full spectrum lighting promotes vigorous plant growth. Planted aquariums usually lack CO2. The Fluval Mini CO2 system will ensure that the most important nutrient is available to plants to maintain vigorous, lush and vibrant growth. Fluval Stratum is the ideal substrate for aquatic plants to help stimulate plant growth. Nutrafin Plant Gro promotes vigorous growth and vibrant colors in plants. Rock background is installed and molded from actual rock, adding realism to the kit. "

Fluval Flora Ebi Spec

PlantLineup of the new series of nano tanks from Fluval. Left to right, Fluval Flora, Fluval Spec, and Fluval Ebi.

Compact Light

Plant Compact Fluorescent Lamp that is included with both the Fluval Flora and Fluval Ebi Aquariums.

Nano Filter

PlantHagen Nano Filter with surface spray bar for Fluval Flora and Fluval Ebi Aquariums. Sponge Filter is easy to clean and provides great surface area for bacteria to grow.


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